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Chord guitar Fans - Kings of Leon

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Fans - Kings of Leon


Intro: E   A  B   E

Verse 1:

E           A                       B                      E
Home grown, rock to the rhythm, and bop to the beat of the radio
     A                      B               E
You ain't got the slang but you got the face to play the role
        A         B    E
You can play with me

Verse 2:

E                 A                       B                  E
And all the bros, try for the courage and try for charity's tight clothes
A                  B                 E
She got a hat and all he has is his asshole
A                      B      E
She'll be a' boppin to me

Verse 3:

        E        A                     B                          E
And her hair-do, he knows the lipstick kisses, oh yeah that's the right move
A                 B                     E
Make me feel like I'm the one who moves you
A                B       E
The only one you see

Verse 4:

            E     A                   B                   E             
Now take me down, don't you let those tears quench the thirsty ground
A                           B                E
Don't you be so scared that you can't make a sound
A               B     E
Make a sound for me

Verse 5:

       E                   A                    B                  E                 
All of London sings, cause England's swings and they sure love the tales I bring
A                            B                            E 
You know the rainy days they ain't so bad when you're the king
    A                 B      E
The king they want to see

[repeat verse 1]
[repeat verse 3]
[repeat verse 5]