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Chord guitar Denmark Street - Ray Davies

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Denmark Street - Ray Davies

Intro   Piano roll opening

G        /F#          C               (C7  C)
Down the way from the Tottenham Court Road
G              /F#         C     (C7  C)
Just round the corner from old Soho
D7                        G 
There's a place where the publisher's go

I you don't know which way to go
Just open your ears and follow your nose
Cos the street is shakin' from the top to the toes

You can hear that music play
Anytime of everyday
Every rhythm, every way

You go to a publisher and play him your song
He says "I hate your music and your hair is too long,"
"But I'll sign you up cos' I'd hate to be wrong"

(George Formby Banjo)
    G     (F#)       G       (F#)   
You got a tune, it's in your head
    G       A   D  G
You want to get it played
       E                 A 
So you take it down to a music man
   D7               G  D  G
To see what he will say

           G        (F#)    G       (F#)
He says "I hate the tune, I hate the words,"
      G        A    D    G                               
"I'll tell you what I'll do."
   E                       A     
"I sign you up and take it round the street,"
     D7                  G  D G       
"And see if it makes the grade"
         A                                D      build, then bass walk
"And you might even hear it played on the rock'n'roll hit parade!"

G        /F#         C    (C7  C)
Day-time, night-time every week
G       /F#       C    (C7  C)
You can hear that heavy beat
    D7                        G 
The world is shakin' from the top to their feet   [?]

Day-time, night-time, every day
You can hear that music play
Every rhythm, every way        (Very quick fade)