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Chord guitar Alewife - Clairo

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Alewife - Clairo

D F#m A A6 G x2

[Verse 1]
D       F#m
In Massachusetts
     A               A6   G
Only 30 minutes from Alewife
D           F#m
I lay in my room
          A            A6   G
Wonderin' why I've got this life
D         F#m
I met you by surprise
         A               A6  G
You were hangin' out all the time
D                F#m
But you know you saved me from doin'
A                   A6   G
Something to myself that night

D F#m A A6 G x2

[Verse 2]
D             F#m
You called me seven times
     A                    A6   G
One, two, three, four, on the line
D                F#m
I didn't mean to scare you
     A                   A6  G
Just had the thoughts in my mind
D              F#m
They showed up to my door
   A                   A6     G
My parents didn't know what for
D                F#m
Swear I could've done it
               A                    N.C.
If you weren't there when I hit the floor

D F#m A A6 G x2

[Verse 3]
D            F#m
It's been so long
                   A          G
And you've been my sister all along
D            F#m
But you know I'll be alright
       A                     G
Eighth grade was never that tight

D F#m A A6 G x4

D F#m A A6 G

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