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Chord Guitar Final Fantasy 7 Remake - Hollow

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Kunci Gitar Final Fantasy Vii Remake - Hollow


Kord Gitar Final Fantasy VII Remake - Hollow

Cmaj7 Em Cmaj7 Em x3

[Break Guitar]
Emadd9 Emadd9

[Verse 1]
          A              Em        
I would be lost, Drifting along,    
Floating up high
          Cmaj7   Em                 
Time after time       And there you’d 
A  Cmaj7           Em
be,   Shining brightly
             D         Bm      A
Your smiling face, To guide my way

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[Break Harmonica]
Cmaj7 Em Cmaj7 Em

[Verse 2]
          A                      Em    
Bloody and bruised, Brought to my knees,
   When beaten down
           Cmaj7  Em              A   
When broken up,      You would appear,  
Cmaj7         Em
  Reach out to me
            Bm                  Cmaj7
Heal every wound, And make me whole
D                           Em          
Was it all a dream ? Will I never know ?
            Bm    D          Cmaj7
Foolish and blind,   To everything
A           Cmaj7           Em     
Had I realized,   Had I thought it 
through Would you be here in my 

[Chorus 1]
     Em           A            C     
Shine bright, once more,  Guide me to 
     Em           A          C      
Smile bright, once more, This time I 
will never let you go

[Guitar Solo]
Em A C D Em
Am C Em A C D Em

[Verse 3]
D                             Em
With your every smile, Hiding something
            Bm    D           Cmaj7
Dark mysteries,   Lurking beneath
A                C             Em
But I was consumed, With this emptiness
             A                  C
This selfishness, This void to fill

[Chorus 2]
      Em      A          C        Em
Hear me once more, Show me, your smile
     Em        A          C            
This time, for sure, I’ll see the truth
hidden inside your tears

    Em         A              C     
But I…       I know      That you’re
long gone
    Em         A         G  
But I…       I will…     Go 
C    (~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~) 
on     howling and hollooooow

Em Cmaj7 Em G Cmaj7 C Em Cmaj7 Em
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