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Chord Guitar Boyfriends - Harry Styles

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Kunci Gitar Boyfriends - Harry Styles


Kord Gitar Boyfriends - Harry Styles

C Csus4 C Csus4 C Csus4 C

[Verse 1]
They think you're so easy
                   Dm     F
They take you for granted
          G            C    
They don't know they're just 
        Am     Dm   F
misunderstanding you
   G                   C   Csus4 C 
You, you're back at it again
Csus4 C Csus4 C

Harry Styles debuts two new songs at Coachella

[Verse 2]
C                      G
Weakened, when you get deep in
                    Dm      F
He starts secretly drinking
       G         C              Am     
It gets hard to know what he's thinking
Dm  F
You love a fool who knows just how to 
C         Am       Dm
get under your skin
    F  G                       C Csus4 C
You, you, you still open the door

[Verse 3]
You're no closer to him
            C  C/B Am
Now you're halfway home
    F                                C 
Only calling you when, he don't wanna be
C/B Am
alone, oh
        D7                  G
And you go, why? You don't know

[Verse 4] *
Are they just pretending?
                                Dm     F
They don't tell you where it's heading
        G          C           Am    Dm
And you know the gamе's never ending
   F  G                     C          
You, you lay with him as you stay in the
 Am      Dm
  F         G                       
You feel a fool, you're back at it 
C  Csus4 C Csus4

C Csus4 C Csus4 C Csus4 C Csus4 C
Ooh, ooh
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